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Ouriran News

  Telegram Channel   02-Aug-17
  Our customers of Iran Datacenter services can follow latest events in the Telegram: https://t.me/ravandidc

  SMS Monitoring Alerts  31-Jul-17
  We have configured SMS Monitoring alerts for all the servers in Tehran Datacenter. Please contact technical team if you have not received any message yet.

  Ouriran Newsletter No23  05-Apr-14
   Ouriran Newsletter No 24 has been published .. more...

  Domain and Server Prices  09-Dec-12
  Starting December 2012, prices for all the services provided from outside Iran will be adjusted daily based on the daily currency exchange rate. English section of the site shows the prices in foreign currency and Farsi section of the site shows all the prices in IRR currency

  Ouriran Newsletter No23  17-Apr-12
   Ouriran Newsletter No 23 has been published .. more...


  Ouriran Newsletter No22  16-Jan-12
   Ouriran Newsletter No 22 has been published .. more...

  Domain Price  03-Jan-12
  Starting 1390/10/10, Ravand Tazeh rate for .com domains has been increased to 190,000 Rls / Year

  Ouriran Newsletter No1 - 2010  08-Nov-10
   Ouriran Newsletter No 1-2010 has been published .. more...

  The 16th Elecomp Exhibition (Tehran)  06-Nov-10
  We welcome our customers in the 16th Elecomp exhibition (8-11 Nov. 2010)

  Problem in our phone lines!  07-Aug-10
  Our phone lines have problems in Tehran on Aug. 7th. You can send email to support@ouriran.com

  You can now register .co & .ws domains online using your credit card  24-Jul-10
  Online registration of .co & .ws domains

  Farsi Control Panel  08-May-10
  Our Windows webhosting customers can use the Farsi control panel now!

  New Phone Numbers  01-Oct-09
  Due to some changes in zafar telephone center, Ravand Tazeh phone numbers have been changed . For more information please "contact us" page.

  Domain Renew Using Shetab Cards - Saman Gateway  05-Aug-09
  Now you can renew your domain using Saman Bank Cards

  Domain Renew Using Credit Cards  01-Aug-09
  Now you can renew your domain using standard Visa or Mastercard Credit Cards.

  After Hour Numbers  11-Jul-09
  After Hours Tel No +98.21.84696930 is available for customers. For all support issues, you may contact us at support@ouriran.com.

  New Hosting Plans  10-Mar-09
  Hosting plans are modified now.

  News HP Servers  11-Nov-08
  New HP Proliant DL160 G5 Servers

  New KVM Over IP  10-Apr-08
  As leading dedicated server provider, Ravand now offers KVM Over IP solution for dedicated server customers

  New VPS Plans  20-Nov-07
  New VPS plans are now available.

  New HP servers  30-Jul-07
  New powerfull HP servers have been added to our line of dedicated servers .. order one while they last !

  New Dell Server Line  23-Dec-06
  Ouriran has started to offer Dell PowerEdge 2950 - Dual Core Dual Processor Woodcrest 5160 server with 8 GB of ECC DDR2-4200F RAM and 1.4 TB of RAID data storage .. for more info please click here

  Ouriran Newsletter No.4 - 2006  23-Dec-06
   Ouriran Newsletter No 4-2006 has been published .. read more..

  *** Free Setup ***  22-Aug-06
  Free setup for special Dell servers, Valid by 21-Sep-06, more info...

  Office Phone Numbers  07-Aug-06
  Due to problems in Telco Company, please be aware that some of our phone numbers are not functional. You may contact us on these phone numbers : 021-22916559 & 60

  Scheduled Maintenance  31-Jul-06
  Datacenter will have maintenance on their UPS Transfer Switch to upgrade the switch board. Therefore all UPS power to dedicated servers will be down.

more info...

  Ouriran Newsletter No.3 - 2006  22-Mar-06
  Ouriran Newsletter No. 17 has been published.

  Ouriran Newsletter No.2 - 2006  07-Mar-06
  Ouriran Newsletter No. 16 has been published.

  Ouiran Service Downtime on Feb 14, 2006  14-Feb-06
  Details of the dowtime ouriran experienced on 14 Feb 2006 due to DoS attack... Link

  Ouriran Newsletter No.1 - 2006  18-Jan-06
  Ouriran Newsletter No. 15 has been published.

  Ouriran Newsletter No.4 - 2005  19-Nov-05
  Ouriran Newsletter No. 14 has been published.

  Ouriran Newsletter No.3 - 2005  12-Oct-05
  Ouriran Newsletter No. 3 - 2005 has been published. An important newsletter with more news and great promotion.

  Ouriran Newsletter No.2-2005  23-Mar-05
  Ouriran Newsletter No.2-2005 has been published ... see the upcoming changes at Ouriran during Farvardin 1384 and Special promotions ..

  Happy New Year 1384  21-Mar-05
  Happy New Year 1384 to all fellow Iranians . We wish you all th best in this new year.

  Ouriran Newsletter No.1-2005  05-Feb-05
  Ouriran Newsletter No. 1-2005 has been published. An important newsletter with more news and great promotions .

  Helm on 50% special promotion  02-Feb-05
  Helm, the enterprise hosting controller panel distributed in Iran by ouriran, is now on 50% special promotion. This promotion is valid only until February 7th and that is for unlimited domain, unlimited user version of Helm.

  Happy New Year 2005  29-Dec-04
  Happy new to all customers, we wish you all the prosperous New Year ahead and hope to increase our service performance and reliability to make more even more satisfied than before.

  Ouriran in Elecomp 2004  18-Nov-04
  We kindly invite you to visit our booth on Elecom2004, Hall 40, Second Floor, Booth 19

  Ouriran Newsletter No.10  19-Oct-04
  Ouriran Newsletter No. 10 has been published.

  New dedicated server specials  02-Sep-04
  New specials for dedicated servers has been posted to specials website.

  Ouriran Newsletter No.9  12-Jun-04
  Ouriran Newsletter No. 9 has been published.

  SecureMailPortal  15-May-04
  Farsi and English pages for SecureMailPortal have been added to our site. This page shows how Mail GateWay system works and how it protects our customers from Spam & Virus .

  Ouriran Newsletter No.8  26-Apr-04
  Ouriran Newsletter No. 8 has been published.

  Happy Nourooz  22-Mar-04
  We want to wish you, a very happy new year and hope you have a wonderful, successful and prosperous 1383.

  Service Tour  06-Mar-04
   Service Tour section has been added to our site. Take your time and see what's been offered by ouriran and what you receive when you sign up for our services.

  Ouriran Newsletter No.7  05-Mar-04
  Ouriran Newsletter No.7 has been published. ..

  Ouriran Newsletter No.6  05-Feb-04
  Ouriran Newsletter No. ? has been published

  Monthly Special  13-Jan-04
  During this month, our new dedicated server customers may take advantage of double monthly data transfer limit on all dedicated servers.

  May 2004 bring you plenty of happiness and prosperity

  Condolences  29-Dec-03
  We would like to extend our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the family of more than 30,000 of our country men who lost their lives in the Earth Quake of Bam in Iran last week.

  Ouriran Newsletter No.5  22-Dec-03
  Ouriran Newsletter No.5 has been published. Elecomp Special Pricing on Domains, Hosting and Servers

  Ouriran Newsletter No.4  21-Nov-03
  Ouriran Newsletter No.4 has been published. FREE .WS Domain on all .WS Hostings

  Ouriran Newsletter No.3  02-Nov-03
  Ouriran Newsletter No.3 has been published. Dedicated Servers Special

  Special Hosting Offers  25-Oct-03
  26th of October is the 5th anniversary of ouriran.com and because of that, ouriran offers Free Hosting Plan Upgrade for all new hostings -Valid for all plans from White to Brown Plan.

  Ouriran Newsletter No.2  25-Oct-03
  Ouriran Newsletter No.2 has been published. 5th Anniversay Specials

  Ouriran Newsletter No.1  18-Oct-03
  This is the start of new newsletter of ouriran , No.1 has been published.

  Network Test Utilites  10-Oct-03
  Ping and TraceRoute Network test utilities have been added to Network Page. Now can test Ouriran network backbone.

  .WS domain price has been reduced.  25-Sep-03
  Still searching for your .com domain ? Why not registering a .WS (Website) domain name for only 140,000R / Year ?

  Kargah.com Sponsorship  25-Aug-03
  Kargah.com, a beautiful site dedicated to all Iranian Artists, is now sponsored by Ouriran.

  .IR domain registration with Ouriran  12-Aug-03
  Don't let someone else register your domain. Register your .IR domain today for 590,000R / 3 years.

  New features have been added to our mail system.  12-Mar-03
  Features like Employee management, Webmail system with 20 languages including persian and company signature are offered now.

  Iran Banner Network membership  30-Dec-02
  Iran Banner Network is one of the ouriran.com services. Advertise on hundreds of Iranian Web Sites for FREE.

  Reseller of Ouriran.com  12-Sep-02
  Become a Reseller of Ouriran.com and save up to 50% off your future web hosting fee and register your domain name online, in real time.

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